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PA12 - hatred towards cheating it is not really necessary...

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Bryan Simmons PA 12 10/19/2007 Reading Response No, there is no reason for Jane to feel an obligation to turn Liza in. The rules of the university are overly broad and often times only implied. In the words of the university staff itself “There is some broad language about the student’s role in maintaining academic integrity” (Kurant 32). I feel that the majority of society does not view those who fail to report a crime as being equally as guilty as those committing said crime. There is evidence of this in the legal system, as the penalties for being an accomplice or accessory to a crime are lesser, if not non-existent. For these reasons, I do not feel it is necessary that Jane rats out her friend. There is no reason for North Georgia College and State University to change its academic integrity policy to make it more oppressive. Although society has an innate
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Unformatted text preview: hatred towards cheating, it is not really necessary. If a student cheats and graduates, they will get a job in their field of study. However, what would happen at that job? They would not know how to do anything that the other non-cheaters can. They would then be fired from their position because they are incompetent. So, It does not matter if one chooses to cheat, because although the may pass in school, they will fail at life. Perhaps the schools feel that this system may make a mockery of the educational system. While this may be true, the goal of the university system should be to teach, not to impose senseless rules upon the masses that should be allowed to make choices for themselves....
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