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PA13 - An overly strict honor code clearly leads to...

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Bryan Simmons PA 13 10/22/2007 Reading Response Thankfully, most scholars seem to agree, “Cheaters only hurt themselves” (Clayton 33). The 100 plus student messages of an online debate regarding cheating attest the truth of this statement. This demonstrates the philosophical warrant of cheating being inferior to integrity, and helps establish a popular definition of cheating. Although many colleges are attempting to be blunt in their appraisal of what constitutes cheating, the gray areas are what plagues colleges, “Unauthorized collaboration- the largest area of the student honor code violations.” (Clayton 35). This shows that many areas of the honor code are vague, and that faculty and student views of an issue vary. These quotations help to establish a foundation for my article by poking some holes into the delicate balloon that is the honor systems of universities, by showing public opinion and textual vagueness.
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Unformatted text preview: An overly strict honor code clearly leads to heartbreak and hardship. Although a University of Virginia student’s innocence was clearly proven by his own teacher’s insistence that he did not cheat, the blood-thirsty honor committee pined after their own peculiar form of “justice” and demanded that the inquisition proceed. “Guilt and innocence didn’t matter to them. All they cared about was their system” (Hoover 37), said the student, in reference to the committee. This quotation is pointing out one of the many flaws of the honor committee. “Some students have charged that the honor system is racially biased and excessively harsh.” (Hoover 38). This points out more weaknesses in an extremely strict honor code. The quotations establish a foundation for the rest of my argument, which is that strict honor codes are hurtful to students and the universities Bryan Simmons PA 13 10/22/2007 reputation....
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