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World War Two - Bryan Simmons World Civ World War Two The...

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Bryan Simmons World Civ 4/11/2008 World War Two: The Build Up World War Two (hereby referred to as WWII) is known for causing massive amounts of death, destruction, and demoralization of the earth and its peoples. Between the years of 1933 and 1938, it was obvious that Germany was building up a zealous army under the banner of Nazism. Why was Hitler not stopped? If the rest of Europe and the United States knew what was going on, why was nothing done to stop the quickly expanding countries of Germany and Italy? There are many factors that shrouded the rest of the world in a sort of optimistic ignorance, and they deserve careful exploration. German propaganda played a large part in the rest of the worlds indifference towards German expansion. The German propaganda machine was highly efficient, telling the rest of the world: “I am not crazy enough to want a war.”, and “(We) do not dream of attacking other nations, providing they leave us alone . . .” (Nazi Propaganda). Such comments on the part of Adolph Hitler succeeded in bamboozling much of the world.
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