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Bryan Simmons PA 11 10/08/2007 Reading Response Samir is primarily responsible for the “dumpster incident”. It is up to Samir to be able to identify his limits and be able to keep himself within them. Samir was able to identify the limits of his condition. Personal responsibility is the key factor when assigning blame. Samir was unable to control his urge to prove himself to PET. Samir was the only person who effected his own decision. (i.e no peer pressure, family pressure, etc.) The PET Fraternity is primarily responsible for the “dumpster incident”. They
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Unformatted text preview: should have realized that the task they were asking people to complete was both humiliating, and in this case, potentially life threatening. The university guidelines regarding hazing view this task as hazing, and illegal activity. • The task was humiliating, and in this case life threatening. • That the action described is indeed viewed as hazing by university guidelines. • Hazing is illegal. • The fraternity should determine the legality of their own actions....
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