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Simmons 1 Bryan Simmons Dr. Kurant-Rollins English 1101 30 November 2007 Rogerian Argument What constitutes protected speech, and alternatively, hate speech, according to the First Amendment to the Constitution? In the case “Tuesday Night Fight: Freedom of Speech and Equal Protection” by Wendy Kurant, the college newspaper “The Voice” has reprinted some controversial cartoons depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammad in a humorous and, to some, offensive light. The cartoons, which originally appeared in the Danish newspaper “Jyllands-Posten”, have caused quite the reaction on this hypothetical college campus, particularly with the Muslim Student Alliance. As the editor of “The Voice”, it is my job to determine the constitutionality of what is printed in this periodical. The Muslim Student Alliance has taken a stance against these cartoons, eradicating all evidence of these papers on the college campus, and requesting as of yet unknown reparation. A student on the newspaper staff named Aliyah, a follower of the Islamic faith, advised the editor against printing the cartoons, with claims such as “Can’t you see how offensive these are”, and “They promote a hostile environment” (Kurant 46). Her comments raised the question of whether or not these cartoons are considered hate speech or protected speech, with opposing factions debating both sides.
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Simmons 2 According to the precedent established in Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire (1942) , hate speech is that which “has no redeeming value, can incite violent retaliation, and should not enjoy 1st amendment protection” (Reich, 3). In Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969)
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paper5 - Simmons 1 Bryan Simmons Dr. Kurant-Rollins English...

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