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Paper 2 - Bryan Simmons World Civilization 1112 Paper 2...

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Bryan Simmons 2/1/2008 World Civilization 1112 Paper 2 When discussing the Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Empires, a fundamental question arises: What is an Empire? According to the internet source, “Art of Empire”, an empire can be a group of people working towards a common goal, or simply a group of people governed by an emperor. Did the aforementioned empires share a common goal, or were they comprised of people going about their dreary lives under the control of a supreme authority? Why did all of these empires crumble beneath the pressures of innovation and technology? What portions of the empires was strongly influenced by religion? Ultimately, the key to understanding the falls of these once great empires depends on answering these questions. First, let us discuss the Ottoman Empire. Although the Ottoman Empire was around for approximately six centuries, we will mainly focus on the period of Suleyman’s reign. Suleyman, “One of the most important Ottoman rulers” (Newton),
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