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Bryan Simmons 2/29/2008 World Civ 1112 Paper 5 The Industrial Revolution, which took place between the late 18 th and early 19 th centuries, was, above all else, a time of radical change. Although arguably not a bloody revolution, the Industrial Revolution led to drastic changes in individual and societal views, first in Europe, and then expanding its scope of influence towards other nations. This period, despite its issues, was a necessary step towards producing many of the goods and jobs that we today take for granted. Perhaps those who were hit the hardest by the effects of the industrial revolution were the workers. Previously agricultural communities, cities would gain a factory. Soon, due to the wages paid by the factories a large majority of the population would gravitate towards the factories. Whole families would go to work for these factories. In reference to the ages of millgirls “Some were not over ten years old; a few were in middle life, but the majority were between the ages of
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