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Simmons 1 Bryan Simmons Dr. Kurant-Rollins English 1101 1 October 2007 Rhetorical Analysis As rock superstars Jack Black and Kyle Gass state in their song “The Government Totally Sucks”: “Ben Franklin was a rebel indeed, he like to get naked while he smoked on the weed.” Perhaps Michael Randall would view this comment as a prime example of the lunacy that quick, “efficient” learning inevitably inspires. In Randall’s “A Guide to Good Teaching: Be Slow and Inefficient”, he argues that inefficiency is a desirable quality for universities on the basis that true learning can only be done slowly. He speaks to college administrations in this article, by using various forms of appeal to various affect. Overall, Randall pieces together an effective argument, by coupling a strong emotional appeal with more than adequate ethical and a somewhat floundering logical appeal. In this piece, Randall’s ethical appeal shows a blatant disregard for subtlety in all of its forms. He shows no hesitation in repeatedly stating that he is a “Professor of old foreign literatures” (Randall 21). In his fourteen-paragraph statement, he alludes to his professorship a total of seven times. This somewhat shallow approach of repetition strikes me as irksome, yet is successful in getting the point across. All in all, Randall is quite fair in his commentary. He establishes common
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rhetoricalanalysis - Simmons 1 Bryan Simmons Dr....

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