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Bryan Simmons World Civilization 1112 1/18/2008 Paper 1 The Protestant reformers are upset with the Catholic Church because they feel as though the Pope has defied the words of Christ by “usurping dominion”, and also that the Pope has placed himself in such a position of power as to try to rival the holiness of Christ himself. The Protestants also feel that the Pope engages in many of the immoral vices that his religion scorns, and that the gospel of the Pope conflicts with the Bible gospel. According to the Protestants, the Pope is hypocritical, immoral, and fearful of being judged, and for that reason, excommunicating those that scrutinize his habits or disagree with his dogmatic principles. The Pope says that the Protestants are simply “spewing venom”, because they know that their cause is garnering no support, and that it is a last effort to appeal to a few people. He says that those that blasphemy against the church shall be banished. He composes a list of errors that Martin Luther has made, which
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