HCR300 Final Review

HCR300 Final Review - HCR300 Final Review Midterm questions...

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HCR300 Final Review – Midterm questions included in pool of questions – 133 questions in pool, system will randomly draw 100 questions. 1. Health care planners use the concept of natural history of disease to design services that intervene at the weakest link in the chain of progression of specific diseases… false 2. To judge the effects of medical treatment, researchers now measure social functioning… sense of well being satisfaction with care… true 3. Hospitals in the future will – provide a narrower range of services 4. Ambulatory care encompasses all care that less than 23-hour stay… true 5. Meaningful health care financing reform through government intervention has been thwarted through periodic shifts in political views of administrations…true 6. Managed behavioral health organizations strictly manage service utilization by – All of the above 7. For decades, … sought support - solve support that would ensure payment for their services – false 8. The social model adult day care – provides supervised social activities in a group setting outside the home 9. Nationwide discussion and controversy over the security act significantly… awareness… health care system reforms – true 10. In the 1960’s, congress assigned a health related programs Medicare and Medicaid to the public health service – false 11. There’s growing awareness that… economic benefits… diagnosis and treatment – true 12. Evidence based medicine requires physicians to limit treatments to those procedures that have been proven effective – false 13. When patients adopt the sick role, they – advocate all responsibility for recovery to medical authorities 14. A significant percentage of clinical treatment decisions are not supported by evidence of effectiveness – true 15. States are reluctant to legislate reforms while congress waffles health care bills – false 16. Though physicians believe… could and should judge quality of medical care, they found such peer review activities a most disagreeable – true 17. among other factors, the use of formal home care services continues to increase 18. current and evolving research demonstrates psychiatric disorders are biologically based illnesses requiring specific … targeted treatments – true 19. quality and medical care may be defined as the greatest benefit at the lowest risk – true 20. while the health care system itself is in turmoil, the sciences within health care are making progress—true 21. throughout the first half of the 20 th century, mental illness treatment was largely based in inpatient institutions – true 22. the marketplace is continuing to exert influences upon cost and competition in the health care industry – true
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23. in the future, those in the health care workforce can expect – continued experimentation and variation in staffing 24. health care reforms have dramatically increased the power prestige, and independence… specialists getting referrals from generalist physicians serving as
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HCR300 Final Review - HCR300 Final Review Midterm questions...

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