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CompCh24-Answers to RQ - REVIEW QUESTIONS (COMP CHAPTER 24)...

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R EVIEW  Q UESTIONS  (C OMP  C HAPTER  24) Reviewing the Basics 1. Name four jobs that can all be categorized as a PC technician. PC support technician, PC service technician, bench technician, help-desk technician 2. Of the four jobs in Question 1, which one job might never include interacting with the  PC’s primary user? Bench technician 3. Using the rule “trade good for suspected bad,” describe how to easily troubleshoot a  video problem. Exchange the suspected bad monitor for one you know is good. If that doesn’t help, try  exchanging the video card. 4. Give five possible questions that should be asked of a user who is experiencing  computer problems. What procedure was taking place at the time? What had just happened? What recent changes did the user make? When did the computer last work? What has happened in the meantime? What error messages did the user see? 5. What is the best way to document intermittent problems? Keep a log of when the problems appear and exactly what error messages occur. 6. Using Windows, list the steps to print a screen that shows an error message.
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For simple DOS systems, the Print Screen key directs the displayed screen to the printer. In Windows, the Print Screen key copies the displayed screen to the Clipboard. Launch the Paint software accessory program and paste the contents of the Clipboard into the document. You might need to use the Zoom Out command on the document first. You can then print the document with the displayed screen,
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CompCh24-Answers to RQ - REVIEW QUESTIONS (COMP CHAPTER 24)...

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