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CompCh21-Answers to RQ - REVIEW QUESTIONS Reviewing the...

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R EVIEW  Q UESTIONS Reviewing the Basics 1. List the six steps used by a laser printer to print a page. 1. Cleaning.  The drum is cleaned of any residual toner and electrical charge. 2. Conditioning.  The drum is conditioned to contain a high electrical charge. 3. Writing.  A laser beam discharges the high charge down to a lower charge, but only in  places where toner should go. 4. Developing.  Toner is placed onto the drum where the charge has been reduced. 5. Transferring.  A strong electrical charge draws the toner off the drum onto the paper. This  is the first step that takes place outside the cartridge. 6. Fusing.  Heat and pressure fuse the toner to the paper. 2. Which document exhibits better quality, one printed with 600 dpi or one printed with 1200  dpi? Why? 1200 dpi. The more dots per inch there are, the more detail you can print and the finer the  resolution. 3. What are two possible settings in CMOS for parallel port mode? ECP or bidirectional 4. During the laser printing process, what determines when the toner sticks to the drum and  when it does not stick to the drum? During the writing phase, the uniform high charge is discharged only in the places where toner is 
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meant to stick to the drum. 5. Why is it less expensive to maintain an inkjet printer that has a black ink cartridge than one  that does not? If an inkjet printer does not have a black ink cartridge, then it combines all colors of ink to produce a dull black. Having a separate cartridge for black ink means that it prints a true black and, more importantly, does not use the more expensive colored ink. You can replace the black
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CompCh21-Answers to RQ - REVIEW QUESTIONS Reviewing the...

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