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anthro review - Essay 1-There are 5 types of...

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Essay 1 -There are 5 types of globalization: *space-time compression: how long a minute is compressed. Information travels fast. Rapid intensification, interaction of ideas (e-mail). *flexible accumulation: no longer need to stay in one place to do a job (outsource) *migration: transportation networks are improved. *uneven development: rich get richer, poor get poorer. *rapid change: things such as technology improve rapidly. People in China now work 20 hours a week. -Everybody benefits through globalization, but some people think it is not fair. -People benefit because through the establishment of numerous factories, the number of people employed increases. -Through globalization Americans are able to purchase Mardi Gras beads for a low price (called offshoring), and this creates more demand for beads and thus more job openings in China. -From the Mardi Gras film, it was evident that Chinese workers still faced unfair wages and unfair working conditions. -Through globalization people are able to achieve multiculturalism.
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anthro review - Essay 1-There are 5 types of...

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