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business interview

business interview - his masters in Business Journalism and...

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Chanyoung Joe Song November 15 th , 2007 Freshman Seminar Advisor: Lena Tuck Professor Interview Professor O’Malley came to American approximately 20 years ago from Ireland, and got a job as a landscaper at East Hampton. Ever since his teenage years, he went through 77 different jobs, including a trader, doorman, journalist, and a construction worker. Out of all these jobs, his favorite was being a trader, during the years 1994-1995. During his tenure in the University of Dublin, in which he graduated with honors, he studied accounting, management, and economy. He highly disliked accounting, because he did not want to work in a cubicle for his entire life. Indeed, his dislike for accounting paved a way for a new major, economics. According to Professor O’Malley, he loved economics because it was realistic. Professor O’Malley graduated from the Baruch College as a graduate student, and did his thesis on illegal immigrants in New York City in the room where I interviewed him. He got
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Unformatted text preview: his masters in Business Journalism, and he can be seen occasionally contributing to his bicycle enthusiast website. He pretty much stumbled into teaching, as he was asked from the Baruch College to teach one class after another. He very much enjoys teaching, mainly because he strongly dislikes working in an office his entire life. Professor O’Malley also claims that he enjoys watching students develop and interacting with them. Besides teaching, Professor O’Malley enjoys cycling. Every morning, he can be seen outside training for his upcoming competition. He has been cycling for over 20 years; his most recent team is now sponsored by Sears. Bicycling is a very important part of his life because it keeps him healthy and keeps his “chi flowing.” His taste in music varies widely, from punk, to rock, to hip-hop....
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