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business presentation - winner of this award is exclusively...

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Whole Foods Market recently received the “Best Wine Retailer of the Year” Award. This represents the first time a supermarket has received this prestigious award, recognizing excellence in the wine and spirits industry. WFMI focuses on providing high level of customer service and a wide selection of wine varieties, from the premium to the every day, and name- brands and locally produced wines. This award is important to the company since, “Wine is a food enhancer. Whole Foods Market is all about great tasting natural and organic food so if we can make enjoying the food a more pleasurable experience, then we are doing our job." The
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Unformatted text preview: winner of this award is exclusively featured in the Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Whole Foods also implemented a new marketing strategy, by creating a new online ordering program for the holidays. This enables the shoppers to easily prepare a holiday meal minus the artificial flavors and preservatives. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays quickly approaching, Whole Foods Market holiday menus offer delicious options that allow shoppers to spend more time with their families rather than being caught up in the kitchen....
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