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2007-04-24 CPSP Pele

2007-04-24 CPSP Pele - philanthropic work helping the poor...

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Alan VanToai CPSP118R Presentation Reflection The Life of Pele From what I remember of the first group, Pele was born into poverty in brazil, and given the nickname Pele in grade school as a joke. Pele was playing street soccer as a young teenager when he was discovered by a Brazilian soccer star, and invited to play in a local tournament. Through soccer, Pele was able to make it out of poverty and onto the world radar as one of Brazil’s premier soccer players. He turned down lucrative contracts to European soccer clubs, insisting instead to stay in Brazil where he could continue his
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Unformatted text preview: philanthropic work helping the poor children in Brazil find their passion in soccer. He became a highly recognized player, winning multiple awards from FIFA, the International Olympic Committee and others due to his philanthropic work. He eventually joined a soccer club in the United States, and held a fundraising soccer event pitting his American club against his European club, donating all the profits to charity. Today, he is an ambassador to the children for UNICEF....
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