2007-02-28 BMGT Apartheid

2007-02-28 BMGT Apartheid - Alan VanToai BMGT198 0901...

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Alan VanToai BMGT198 0901 Multinational Corporations in Apartheid-era South Africa: The Issue of Reparations Apartheid in South Africa was a period of oppression and inequality for black South Africans, that was stopped in the early 1990s by a vote by white South Africans. The nation’s 29 million blacks were victims of social, economic, and political repression, resulting in illiteracy, unemployment, and a large separation of wealth. Despite these injustices, many multinational corporations continued to do business during the apartheid era. IBM, General Motors, and Shell were among many multinational corporations accused of supporting the white South African government during apartheid. Almost 2 dozen corporations were accused of aiding the government of horrible crimes. However, many multinational corporations found pressure in South Africa prior to the end of apartheid. Skilled jobs were reserved for whites, and the white population wasn’t growing. Many argued to extend job opportunities and training in black workers. Many
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2007-02-28 BMGT Apartheid - Alan VanToai BMGT198 0901...

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