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Informational Interviewing is a great networking tactic and good tool for learning more about the type of career you’d like to get into, a certain field or a geographical area. In conducting informational interviews, you ask professionals who work in your area of interest what it’s like to do the kind of work they do – what knowledge, skills and abilities are needed and how best to enter the field. Be sure to conduct yourself in a professional manner and subtly communicate your strengths in order to establish a new networking contact. 1. Focus On Your Career Goals Keeping your interests in mind will help you prepare for the interview and enable you to more readily share these interests with your contact. 2. Identify Contacts in Your Areas of Interest Individuals can be identified through your personal list of contacts (network list) or through referrals from resources like faculty or the OCM. You’ll find that personal referrals are the most productive. 3. Approach the Contacts There are several ways to approach contacts to request an informational interview – e-mail, telephone or letter. When communicating with your contacts you should: Mention the name of the person who referred you to that contact (if you were referred): “Robin Butler, a mutual friend of ours, suggested that I talk to you, because you’re knowledgeable about…” Tell the individual that you are trying to decide on a career and that you are doing research on careers in their field: “I’m interested in the field of XYZ, particularly form the standpoint of ABC.” Or: “I just read
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