2007-10-02 BMGT XBOX 360

2007-10-02 BMGT XBOX 360 - Alan VanToai October 3, 2007...

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Alan VanToai October 3, 2007 Evolution of the Xbox Supply Chain Microsoft made several changes in their supply chain before the release of the Xbox 360. One of the major supply chain changes Microsoft made was the development of its own chip design. IBM and ATI were signed to design the processing and graphics chips respectively. This approach allowed Microsoft to turn to any number of contract chip manufacturers to cut manufacturing costs. Also, to stay up to date with current increases in technology, Microsoft had to upgrade the quality of its processing units. The new 360 CPU would run three processors at 3.2 Gigahertz each, compared to the single 733 Megahertz processor found on the original Xbox. The new graphics processors were also much more advanced than their predecessors, offering new high-definition graphics that were “near lifelike”. Microsoft added a third electronic manufacturing service to the project to serve the increase in demand, and the new facility would be located in China. The design was also moved from in-house to Astro Studios, to meet the demand of a
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2007-10-02 BMGT XBOX 360 - Alan VanToai October 3, 2007...

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