2007-10-08 CPSP Film reflection

2007-10-08 CPSP Film reflection - Swedish government also...

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Alan VanToai October 7, 2007 AFI Film Festival – Glasshouse To satisfy my AFI Film Festival requirements I had the pleasure of the movies Fabricating Tom Ze and Glasshouse . I chose them because they were of interest to me, and I left both films impressed with the quality and content. Glasshouse to me seemed more relevant to write about today, so I will be concentrating on this film for my reflection. Glasshouse told the story of how the Swedish and El Salvadorian government worked together to save tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews during the course of World War II and the Holocaust. Officials in the El Salvadorian government distributed thousands of legitimate El Salvadorian citizenship papers among the Jewish population of Hungary, which could be presented to the German Nazi’s when asked to show documentation of citizenship. In presenting the papers, the Jews were able to indicate their El Salvadorian citizenship, effectively saving them from Nazi persecution. The
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Unformatted text preview: Swedish government also ran an operation they called “Glasshouse” where there took in Jews in a shelter and protected them from the Nazi troops. In all, over 30,000 Jewish Hungarian were saved as a result of the efforts of the El Salvadorian and Swedish governments. The film was very effective in conveying its message to me. It used very graphic images of victims of the Holocaust, and contrasted them with images of happy Americans at play during the same time frame. The graphic images and emotional interviews were successful in conveying the atrocities of the Holocaust, and reminded me not to take for granted everything I have in my life and that people can make a difference in the major issues of the world. This is a very relevant message today because of the continuing genocide that continues in certain parts of the world today. Glasshouse stands to remind its viewers that individuals are not helpless to make a big difference in saving lives....
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2007-10-08 CPSP Film reflection - Swedish government also...

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