2007-11-06 BMGT Leadership1

2007-11-06 BMGT Leadership1 - Alan VanToai 108877115...

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Alan VanToai 108877115 Arizona Leadership Conferences 1. Describe in 250 words or less why you would like to attend one of the conferences and what you hope to learn. As an ambitious learner and aspiring leader, I’m looking for new ways to supplement my university education with extra-curricular opportunities. Of the many subjects that have caught my interest recently, leadership and networking have emerged as the topics that I’ve been most passionately seeking out new learning opportunities in. I’m an avid reader of business books, and have been applying lessons learned from books such as Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and Ferazzi’s Never Eat Alone to my own leadership role as President and Co- Founder of the Maryland Music Business Society. Why I would like to attend the leadership conference is a two part answer. The first is obvious: I would love the opportunity to learn from the conference speakers and hear what they have to say. There’s a lot that I have to learn on the topic of leadership, and this conference will be a great way to obtain that knowledge. However, it’s from the pages of Keith Ferazzi’s networking book Never Eat Alone that I’ve found my main inspiration for wanting to
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2007-11-06 BMGT Leadership1 - Alan VanToai 108877115...

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