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2007-04-12 COMM Speech references

2007-04-12 COMM Speech references - audio_history.htm Date...

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Alan VanToai April 12, 2007 COMM107 Informative Briefing References Banerjee, S. (1977). Audio cassettes: the user medium . Paris: Unesco. Varga, I. (1980). Bibliographic Desription of Sound Recordings: A Guide . Budapest: AIBM. Schonbrun, M. (2004). The Everything Home Recording Book: From 4-track to Digital— all you need to make your musical dreams a reality . Adams Media: Cincinnati. Pooler, B. (February 9, 2007). Vintage Audio History. http://www.videointerchange.com/
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Unformatted text preview: audio_history.htm. Date accessed 2007, April 11. Schoenherr, S. (July 6, 2005). Recording Technology History. http://history.sandiego.edu/GEN/recording/notes.html. Date accessed 2007, April 10. Huber, D.M., & Runstein, R.E. (2005). Modern Recording Techniques . (6 th ed.). Burlington, MA: Focal....
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