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2007-03-26 COMM interview learned

2007-03-26 COMM interview learned - Alan VanToai COMM107...

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Alan VanToai March 24, 2007 COMM107 3001 Communication Interview: Courtney West – Chariots for Hire Everyone wants to be their own boss, but of the starry-eyed masses, few posses the initiative and resources to start their own business. Among these few determined entrepreneurs, an even smaller fraction of the whole run operations that survive their first few years of operation to find economic stability and growth. Courtney West, CEO and co-Founder of Chariots for Hire, has been able to do just that. Through determination, intuition, and perhaps luck, West and his associates were able to transform a vision and a single limousine into one of the DC areas most prominent limousine services, with an amazing 40 vehicle fleet, in under 5 years. All things considered, I went with the obvious choice when deciding which small business owner to interview; West is a shining example of an entrepreneur who has mastered his industry, and would have plenty to teach me about how he did it.
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