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Alan VanToai February 7, 2007 COMM107 3001 Observing Interaction Wednesday night after dinner time I observed 4 students across the hallway on my floor playing a bowling game on a new Nintendo Wii system. Their interactions playing this videogame system are unique compared to other systems because of the interactive nature of the system itself. The students were playing a game of doubles bowling, with two players per team. Student A and Student B, residents of the room, were together on one team, and Student C and D were their competition. As only one person could bowl per round, there was plenty of interaction going on all the time. For example, the other subjects found Student A’s bowling style to be funny, and laughed at him and point him out. Student B retaliated verbally using offensive body language and
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Unformatted text preview: high-fived his teammate after a presumably good frame. Throughout the match there were obvious displays of excitement and frustration all with the obvious influence of friendly competition. When Student C bowled a presumably less-impressive frame, Students A and B were observed teasing and taunting him. Student C threw the controller back to Student B, and put his hands on his head in frustration and sat back down on the bed. After several minutes of relatively repetitive interactions, Students A and B won the match and celebrated with an enthusiastic high-five, while C and D, noticeably frustrated, watched and talked a little amongst themselves before addressing Students A and B, presumably to congratulate them on a close victory....
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