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2006-11-01 MUET Midterm 5

2006-11-01 MUET Midterm 5 - Alan VanToai 108877115 MUET 200...

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Alan VanToai 108877115 MUET 200 Section 108 Dr. Boden Sandstrom Lauren Ash-Morgan November 1, 2006 MUET200 Take Home Midterm Music in Memory and Self-Identity As Tia DeNora describes in her article Music and Self-Identity , “Music is a medium that often is paired or associated with aspects of past experience” (143). When we listen to music we often associate that music with the events and emotions of that moment in time. Later, when the music is revisited, past emotions and occurrences resurface as we recall what once was. Music is often linked to relationships, and memories of these relationships can still surface when hearing certain special songs well after the relationship has ended. Music can also serve as a reminder of who we were at a certain time. Members of my generation may have to spend some time thinking when asked what they can recall from the late months of 1993, but ask them about their settings when they first started hearing Ace of Base’s hit single “The Sign” and the vast majority could instantly offer detailed accounts of that time. The music we are exposed to and how
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