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2006-11-01 MUSC WOMEN PAPER - the power of men and women in...

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Alan VanToai 108877115 MUSC205 Section 109 Dr. King Frank Latino November 30, 2006 Rock and Feminism Has rock advanced or hindered the cause of feminism? I feel that in many ways, rock has hindered the cause of feminism. The feminist movement is mainly concerned with the inequality of men and women in political, social, and economic matters. Rock has historically been dominated by male performers and a largely male establishment. Although there have been a handful of influential female rock musicians in the past, they have largely been in thanks to male managers, songwriters, and label owners. As time passed and their sales declined, their support would be dropped and they’d be back to where they started from. The music business has largely been dominated by men and this is not in support of the causes of feminism. The inequality of
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Unformatted text preview: the power of men and women in rock do not reinforce the values that many feminists advocate. Often times, popular female musicians are replaceable, generic pop stars who look pretty and dance around stage. Although they may gain fans and wealth, they’re filling the stereotypical gender roles for women and aren’t doing anything to advance the causes of feminism. In the music industry, the one genre that truly advances the cause of feminism is Women’s Music. The pinnacle of the women’s music movement in the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, where female performers play for a crowd of exclusively women, and the whole festival is surrounded with the spirit of women. It’s truly a genre by women, for women....
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