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2006-11-12 MUSC Album Review

2006-11-12 MUSC Album Review - Alan VanToai 108877115 MUSC...

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Alan VanToai 108877115 MUSC 205 Section 109 Richard King Frank Latino November 7, 2006 Album Review: The Disco Biscuits – The Winds at Four to Fly For many of the bands in the jam music scene, studio album sales rarely reach impressive numbers. Even the most avid fans prefer to spend their money on live shows, and live downloads and CD trades are often encouraged, further discouraging the purchase of studio CD releases. However, these free bootleg recordings, even at their best, can never compete with studio quality sound. In addressing these problems, the Disco Biscuits developed a new method, combining the energy and ambiance of a live recording, with the sound quality of a studio recording. The Winds at Four to Fly was their 5 th album released using their method dubbed “TransFusion Radio,” in which they take live soundboard recordings, remove the vocals, and then take the whole package to the studio where they record new vocals and remaster it for release. Their latest TFR release was from their New Years Eve 2005 show, and features two disks of pure, uncut Disco Biscuits and artwork from renowned urban cartoonist Lebo. The Disco Biscuits are
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