2006-11-17 MUSC205 paragraph

2006-11-17 MUSC205 paragraph - b(ex Genesis Queen Sparks…...

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Alan VanToai 108877115 MUSC 205 Section 109 Richard King Frank Latino November 15, 2006 John Rockwell The Emergence of Art Rock 1) Cycle of artistic movements a) Begin with rude vigor b) Healthy Adulthood c) Decline into old age d) (Ex) progression of rock an roll through Seventies 2) History a) Rock born as a rebellion against Fifties b) Idea of art rock controversial c) Undeniable once considered a fact 3) Beatls Sgt. Pepper’s album often cited as starter of art rock. a) Album displayed parallels or imitations by higher/serious music b) Has tended to emulate classical music c) Moody Blues pioneered an orchestral colab. 4) Majority of bands came from Britain. a) Americans in comparison are “happy cavepeople” b) British rockers more eager to “dignify” their works 5) Principal examples: Nice, Emerson, Deep Purple, Yes, etc… a) Dealt in some form of classical “pastiche” b) Often style burdened by British bands weakness for sci-fi art 6) Not always necessarily bad a) Numerous 70s groups fell into the eclectic genre
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Unformatted text preview: b) (ex) Genesis, Queen, Sparks… c) at best, never lost sight of older rock basics (queen) 7) Roxy Music may be pinnacle a) Brian Eno, and Bryan Ferry… 8) Snyth much-abused a) Replaced drum solo as bane b) When played souped-up it sounds to flashy and cheap c) When played with subtlety it can reinforce textures d) When someone great gets on, new world 9) London and NYC a) London experimentation were tax fostered b) Force most successful commercial rockers out of the country c) Marijuana, ACID, etc had profound effect on music was made and perceived d) Pink Floyd concentrated on extended compositions 10) LA Drug scene helped spawn mixed-media presentations a) Zappa etc… b) ENO and relations…. c) Pattern of evolution in London was a rejection of complexity d) Development of artistic primitivism 11) Art in no way inferior. a) Art isn’t what some deity created, but what you perceive. b) Warhol… c) Everybody is an artist....
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2006-11-17 MUSC205 paragraph - b(ex Genesis Queen Sparks…...

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