2006-12-18 CPSP Class Review

2006-12-18 CPSP Class Review - Alan VanToai December 18,...

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Alan VanToai December 18, 2006 American Cultures College Park Scholars – American Cultures: A Reflection When I received my acceptance letter to the University of Maryland, I was thrilled. Not only did I get in to the one and only school that I applied to, I was invited to participate in the College Park Scholars program. I had not heard of the program prior to being invited to participate, but nevertheless I was quite flattered to be recognized in such a way for my academic achievements. Upon applying for scholars programs, I read the scholars packets that I had received, looked online to other Scholars resources, and talked to friends on campus at UMD about their experiences either in scholars or not. It didn’t take long for me to arrive to the conclusion that I wanted to participate in Scholars. The complaints I had heard about scholars weren’t very discouraging: it was a 1 credit waste of time; the scholars citation wouldn’t make a huge difference in my college degree; etc… What I understood to be the advantages made me very optimistic about the program: I would live with people with the same interests; the colloquium was short and didn’t weigh to heavily on work outside of class; there would be fieldtrips; etc… When I first sent in my application, I hadn’t considered American Cultures and it didn’t make my top 3. I was interested in Business, Public Leadership, and International Studies (the latter at the request of my parents). I was confident in my application and felt that if anyone got
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2006-12-18 CPSP Class Review - Alan VanToai December 18,...

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