2006-11-26 MUET String Cheese Incident

2006-11-26 MUET String Cheese Incident - Alan VanToai...

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Alan VanToai 108877115 MUET 200 Section 108 Dr. Boden Sandstrom Lauren Ash-Morgan November 26, 2006 String Cheese Incident: Embracing the Counter Culture Identity Since the Grateful Dead entered the music scene in the last 1960s, a plethora of bands have appealed to the counter (or “hippy”) culture. With these bands, a new musical genre of “jam music” appeared, and many have found their tastes for non-mainstream music satisfied by groups in this genre. One of the most prominent jam bands today is The String Cheese Incident. Their Warner Theatre concert perfectly portrays a fusion of many styles of non-pop music that has been accepted as the prominent voice of the counter-culture or “neo-hippie” identity. This acceptance by the neo-hippie community can be attributed to the details of their live performance, their versatility in sound due to their instrumentation and the wide spectrum of musical genres that they perform. These three elements are all showcased in their live concerts in ways alternative to those of mainstream music and culture. As with all bands in the jam band genre, The String Cheese Incident’s main attraction is their live concerts. Fans have followed the band’s tours across the country, and it’s the energy and experience of the live concert that they chase after. The first part of the live concert environment that was evident was the scene of fans that had gathered around the outside of the Warner Theatre in downtown Washington, D.C. The fans were mostly younger adults, and most of them took to hippy or bohemian styles of clothes and hair. Outside of this concert, these young hipsters would contrast greatly from the
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average DC citizen, but together at the String Cheese Incident, they had found a common love and united to experience the live show together. The fans that follow the String Cheese Incident are reminiscent of the fans that used to follow the Grateful Dead, the “dead heads.” Ann Coulter, author of 5 New York Times Best Sellers, reminisced about Dead Heads and community in a recent interview with Taylor Hill of Jambands.com: “I really like Deadheads and the whole Dead concert scene: the tailgating, the tie-dye
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2006-11-26 MUET String Cheese Incident - Alan VanToai...

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