2007-02-14 COMM Interview Outline

2007-02-14 COMM Interview Outline - anything you would have...

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Alan VanToai Comm107 3001 Communication in the life of a Small Business Owner Courtney West - Chariots for Hire 1) Background (follow-ups as needed) a. Tell me about your background… did you grow up in the area? b. Where did you go to school and what did you study? c. What were your career aspirations? And… d. What made you decide to start a limousine service? e. How long have you been in business with Chariots for Hire? 2) Business (to understand more about Chariots for Hire) a. What has been the hardest part of starting and managing your own company? b. What range of demographics have you served while in business? And… c. What demographic have you found yourself serving most often? d. Looking back on your experiences managing Chariots for hire, is there
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Unformatted text preview: anything you would have done differently? 3) Communication (subject to change based off which relationship I’m examining) a. It’s been said that the most important element of starting a small business is adequate communication. Do you agree with this statement? And… b. Can you recall any problems that you’ve encountered where lack of communication was cause? c. What has been your most important method of communication? And… d. How have your methods of communication changed since starting Chariots for Hire? e. What has been a major obstacle in communication with clients?...
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