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2006-11-06 MUET Outline - III) Instrumentation A) American

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Alan VanToai 108877115 MUET 200 Section 108 Dr. Boden Sandstrom Lauren Ash-Morgan November 5, 2006 String Cheese Incident: Embracing the Counter Culture Identity I) Introduction A) Thesis: The String Cheese Incident’s Warner Theatre concert perfectly portrays a fusion of many styles of non-pop music that has been accepted as the prominent voice of the counter-culture or “neo-hippie” identity. B) MOD: 1) Description of Performance 2) Instrumentation displays a versatile sound 3) Combination of a wide spectrum of musical genres II) Performance A) Physical features of performance/venue 1) Stage Setup 2) Audience/Outside Scene B) Musical Elements of the show 1) Playlist representative of long career, spanning SCI’s lengthy catalogue 2) Songs show SCI’s sound versatility and high-energy delivery
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Unformatted text preview: III) Instrumentation A) American (Folk/Country/Rock/Psychedelic) 1) Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, aux. Strings B) World (Reggae/Latin/Calypso) 2) Percussion, Effects, etc C) Chemistry: flawless and sound fusion of diverse instrumentation IV) Genre/Cultural Influences A) Other historical counter-culture groups 1) Grateful Dead, Phish B) Diverse song genres 1) From Latin/Reggae covers to livetronica C) Fusion of styles: Acceptance by neo-hippy youth V) Conclusion Bibliography: Official Website - http://www.stringcheeseincident.com/ Friends of Cheese (fanclub) - http://www.friendsofcheese.com/ Credited Live Music Blog http://www.livemusicblog.com...
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