2007-02-06 CPSP Syllabus

2007-02-06 CPSP Syllabus - CPSP118R Spring Semester 2007...

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CPSP118R - Spring Semester 2007 Professor: Dr. Sangeeta Ray, [email protected] Office Hours: TBA Graduate Instructor: Kevin Davis Office Hours: Tuesday, 5:00-6:00, and by appointment (hours subject to change) Office Location: 1103 Centerville Hall Mailbox Location: 1130 Cumberland Hall Email: [email protected] Course Overview Welcome to your second semester in the College Park Scholars American Cultures Program. Throughout this semester, we will mainly address the cultures of South and Central America through investigations into pre-Hispanic texts, ecology, politics, history, psychology, etc. Though the course seems to focus mainly on political issues, I hope to be able to use these issues as starting points into discussions of culture at large and specific to the region on which we are focusing. Though no guest speakers or field trips are planned as of now on the syllabus, I am more than willing to take suggestions from students on any speakers/trips that could be added to the syllabus to enhance the colloquium's experience. This semester will feature a greater focus on small group discussion, more challenging (yet more rewarding) readings, and a continued focus on class participation. The assignments this semester will include two short papers and an extensive group project, all of which will be explained in due time. This semester will also utilize at least three times outside of class to screen films that
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2007-02-06 CPSP Syllabus - CPSP118R Spring Semester 2007...

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