2007-02-19 BMGT Starbucks

2007-02-19 BMGT Starbucks - Alan VanToai BMGT 198F 0901...

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Alan VanToai BMGT 198F 0901 Starbucks and Conservation International In mid-2002, the coffee industry was in turmoil. Overproduction had lead to a surplus of coffee, which in turn caused the worlds coffee prices to drop. Small growers were strained economically, and social groups emerged to promote fair compensation for small growers. Additionally, many environmental activists were concerned about the habitat destruction as a result of coffee production practices. During this time, Starbucks had secured the leading role in specialty coffee, and was in the position to catch a lot of opposition from concerned social and environmental groups. Starbucks teamed up with Conservation International (CI), a group with a mission “to conserve the Earth’s living natural heritage and its global biodiversity and to demonstrate that human societies were able to live harmoniously with nature”. In 2001, the CI staff of 776 people oversaw projects in more than 30 countries, and their revenue had grown to nearly $56 million. In 1996, CI identified coffee as a commodity that
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2007-02-19 BMGT Starbucks - Alan VanToai BMGT 198F 0901...

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