2006-10-03 CPSP188R AmerCult Lecture

2006-10-03 CPSP188R AmerCult Lecture - or domestic services...

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Alan VanToai October 3, 2006 American Cultures Immigrants in America Lecture Over the last decade, immigrant populations in the United States have increased a lot thanks in part to America’s economic opportunities and physical safety as compared to other lower income countries such as Mexico and Cuba. Currently, 11.1% of the American population is foreign-born. Of the 11.1%, Latin-Americans are the most prominent race of foreign-born Americans. 74.7% of the population is Caucasian, 12.1% is African American, .8% is Native American or Alaskan, 4.3% is Asian, and about 15% is Hispanic. Langley Park is a nearby example of a community that is predominately Hispanic, with about 70% of the population being Spanish speaking. Almost 20,000 of the Langley Park residents are Hispanic, many of whom are from Guatemala or El Salvador. The majority of the population holds “working class jobs” such as construction
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Unformatted text preview: or domestic services. Because these jobs usually pay lower incomes, many of them face “immigrant challenges”. These obstacles include education, health care, physical safety and security, housing, sustaining culture, employment, public space, and national hostility towards foreign-born immigrant populations. Our speaker was very sympathetic to the foreign-born population. He is a very liberal activist who fought for the Hispanic-speaking majority, and was very passionate about his craft. A good subtle example of his position is how he didn’t use the term “illegal-alien”. Instead, he used the term “foreign-born” to describe those who moved to America in search of a better future for themselves and the future generations of their family....
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2006-10-03 CPSP188R AmerCult Lecture - or domestic services...

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