2006-09-20 MUET200 Paper assignment

2006-09-20 MUET200 Paper assignment - how it creates an...

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MUET 200 Fall 2006 Identity Paper Due Date: Oct. 9, 2006 Length: 3 - 4 pages Point Value: 10% Write a three to four page coherent essay using the guidelines below. Part I Family experiences and cultural backgrounds have a major impact on our musical lives. Describe a poignant and meaningful experience in your life that revolved around or is related to a song. For example, a certain song makes you think of a special person or event in your life and/or is related to your family background and cultural identity. Include how the music made you feel at the time and how it makes you feel now whenever you encounter it. Explain your experience with the music and the context of the event in as much detail as possible. Part II Analyze the musical performance as an affective experience (one that effects the emotions or brings about change). In other words, what is it about this performance of music that moved you and why? Use the song’s musical elements to explain why and
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Unformatted text preview: how it creates an affective experience. You can address other elements of the performance such as lyrics, delivery, etc. but concentrate on the music itself for this paper using musical terms from the list below. Musical Terms Melody Harmony Rhythm Polyrhythm Dynamics Timbre Ornamentation Instrumentation A cappella Balance Call and response Hook Riff Suggestions: 1. Do not be vague. Use specific details and examples to assert and support your statements and analyses. 2. Follow the “Guidelines for Writing Papers” exactly. 3. Be as articulate as possible in expressing your thoughts, as lack of clarity will result in a lower grade. We expect semantically and grammatically correct essays. PROOFREAD, and have ANOTHER PERSON do the same. 4. Plan ahead. Computer/printer problems are not an acceptable excuse for lateness. 5. Attach the Paper Checklist with your paper....
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2006-09-20 MUET200 Paper assignment - how it creates an...

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