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2006-11-20 MUET brazilian shit

2006-11-20 MUET brazilian shit - Alan VanToai 108877115...

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Alan VanToai 108877115 MUET 200 Section 108 Dr. Boden Sandstrom Lauren Ash-Morgan November 18, 2006 Response Essay: A Critical Analysis on Brazilian Rap As rap has grown in America from its humble beginnings to being on the cutting edge of mainstream culture, rap in Brazil has developed in similar ways drawing much of its style from American influences. In his article, “Perspectives on Brazilian Rap: MC Orpheu and Pluralismo ”, Professor Jonathon Grasse credits the use of innovative digital music technology as being a factor of similarity between rap and Brazil: advances in digital music technology continually change the sound of rap music, and the adaptations of the genre are resonant with the adaptation of Brazilian culture in its entirety. Over the past 3 decades there have been many advances in music technology, but the most prominent advances in music technology were the development of computer recording studio programs and instruments, and the distribution potential of the internet. Both of these factors played an essential role in contributing to the “core of rap’s cultural force in Brazil” (Grasse 101).
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