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FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY BASIC TELECOMS (EE 304) TUTORIAL N°3: ANALOG MODULATIONS Exercice 1 If, find theAM modulatedsignaland thetotal power transmittedassumingandRepeat for DSB transmission. Exercise 2 Calculate the transmitted power of an AM wave with 100% tone modulation and peak envelope power 32 kW. Exercise 3 Consider a radio transmitter rated for 4KW peak envelope power. Find the maximum value of the modulation index for the 1KW average transmitted power of the AM signal. Exercise 4 The output signal from an AM modulator is Determine the modulating signal,, the carrier, c(t) , the modulation index,, and the ratio of the power in the sidebands to the power in the carrier. Exercise 5 Find the SSB envelope when. Sketch the envelope for Ac =81. Exercise 6 The frequency and amplitude of a frequency modulated signal are respectively 1 MHz and 1V.The modulating signal is a sinusoidal wave of amplitude A=2.5V and frequency f=500Hz.The modulation excursion is 5.5 KHz. Write the mathematical expression of the FM signal and determine the modulation index. Exercise 7 You are given the following FM modulated signal: where,,, . .
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