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2008-03-05 BMGT Networking

2008-03-05 BMGT Networking - NETWORKING The majority of...

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The majority of available jobs do not appear in newspaper classified sections and are not posted on websites. They are hidden from outsiders and can only be found by getting to know insiders through networking. Networking is about creating relationships that are mutually productive. It involves giving and receiving information and linking with others to create partnerships. The result can be one of the most beneficial tools in a job search. Networking helps to develop contacts that can provide you with job leads and information about unpublished job opportunities. The greater the size of your network, the greater your chances of finding job opportunities. Some people find networking difficult due to cultural factors and personal preferences. However, because of the critical role networking plays in a successful job search, it is critical that you gain a level of comfort with networking and begin building strategic relationships now.
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  • Spring '08
  • Fogul
  • successful job search, role networking plays, unpublished job opportunities, acquaintances Relatives Colleagues

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