2008-05-12 CPSP Journal

2008-05-12 CPSP Journal - Alan VanToai CPSP239 R – Day 1...

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Alan VanToai CPSP239 R January 20, 2008 – Day 1 Woke up really early and got a ride to Dulles Airport. Met up with all my friends and sat next to Nick on the way to Puerto Rico. Didn’t get much sleep the night before so I slept the whole way. Woke up to sun and warmth of Puerto Rico!!!! The airport was awesome. Down by the baggage claim there were a bunch of graffiti murals. I love graffiti art! Took lots of pictures including this one on the right of some Ganesh looking skeleton creature. Also on the way to the hotel there were lots of graffiti pieces on walls and buildings off the highway. Worth mentioning that there was a cockfighting bar within walking distance of our Hotel in San Juan. Nothing was planned for the first evening/night so we started off by going to the grocery store to (legally!) get some alcohol. We watched the Giants game on TV and had a few drinks then head over to the San Sebastian festival in Old San Juan, not quite sure what to expect. HOLY SHIT… the San Sebastian festival was absolutely incredible. Pretty much everyone was out there from Scholars, and the streets were packed with people, I mean PACKED. We all got a little drunk and had a terrific time. I wish I took more pictures. Puerto Ricans LOVE reggaeton. January 21, 2008 – Day 2 Woke up early with the roommates and got some all you can eat buffet. Absolutely amazing. I made two sandwiches and snuck them out of the buffet in my backpack. Cha Ching. Today we went to the El Yonque rainforest, stopping by at a few interesting places along
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This note was uploaded on 05/14/2008 for the course CPSP 250 taught by Professor Ray during the Spring '08 term at Maryland.

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2008-05-12 CPSP Journal - Alan VanToai CPSP239 R – Day 1...

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