2008-02-11 ENGL Final Syllabus

2008-02-11 ENGL Final Syllabus - ENGLISH 243 INTRODUCTION...

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E NGLISH 243: I NTRODUCTION TO P OETRY Spring 2008 Friday discussion sections Professor: Stanley Plumly Teaching Assistants: Deanna Boulard Laura Heninger Hill Gerald Maa Brent McCafferty Tyler Mills Text: The Norton Anthology of Poetry (shorter 5 th edition, ed. Ferguson, Salter, and Stallworthy) Handouts obtained on Blackboard: http://www.elms.umd.edu Goals: This course is an introduction to poetry course—to modern Anglo-American poetry generally and to American poetry especially. This course is not a survey of poetry. Time forces us to focus. And our focus will be on how to read poems, good poems, many of them classics in the English language. You could probably read, with diligence, the entire semester’s requirement for this class in one evening. That would be a horizontal reading of the texts. Our purpose, however, is a vertical reading of the texts—thorough and with as much depth as possible. All poems are meaningful, which means that they are full of meaning. How that meaning is achieved is what our mission is. This mission is challenged by the nature of the large lecture context. The hope is that in spite of our size we can converse and exchange views about what we’re looking at. Reading poems is implicitly a process, not a product. You must be here in order to partake of that process. You cannot learn what is offered in class without being in class—consistently and attentively. You will not succeed on the exams without good class attendance. Discussion Sections: The discussion sections are designed to be an extension of and supplement to the large class lectures. These Friday meetings will allow you to engage in conversations about the poems we have gone over extensively in the large lecture, and also those poems we may not have had time to fully discuss or those listed as reading for the discussion period. That being said, you are expected to come prepared with questions and comments about the poems
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2008-02-11 ENGL Final Syllabus - ENGLISH 243 INTRODUCTION...

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