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Careers in Finance - TWO EXAM QUESTIONS HERE Careers in...

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TWO EXAM QUESTIONS HERE!!! Careers in Finance 2 biggest fields: 1. Corporate Finance STABLE!!! career Work for a company 5-10 years, maybe move Move bc need more opportunities or will pay more… Work for 20 years for a company a. underpaid b. risk averse Start out 60,000 a year, then double to 120,000; mostly raise through promotion Least quantitative w/ real estate 2. Investments Feast or famine Both for getting in and getting paid… Mutual fund manager, for bad year, half a million dollars Bonus: 50% (bad year) Consider different places/position Tools more quantitative than corporate finance a. Retail Different types of employees and branches Get FOUR customers/month for 3 years make lots of money; 1-2 not really; More of a SALES/marketing JOB!!! Certified Financial Planner (C.F.P.) manage risk (diversify portfolio) Lots of things: retirement planning, insurance, mutual funds Model we’re talking about is WRONG but explains 1/3 of market… b. Wholesale Institutional trading lower key, but when co. makes lots of money, greater bonuses RISK Management important! Exchanges getting smaller; fewer ppl, more trading (computerized); the “pits” SKILLS VARY A LOT! BUT in Chicago, auction markets HUGE 1. Locals Liquidity, bet on volatility, start and end day with zilch; trade only for 1 day, want fluctuation/volatility; options and futures
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Careers in Finance - TWO EXAM QUESTIONS HERE Careers in...

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