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final(spring2002)-1 - 0 ENGRD 270 Spring 2002 Final Exam...

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ENGRD 270 — Spring 2002 — Final Exam Friday 5/17/02 Instructions: (1) Show your work for each problem and clearly identify the final answer where appropriate. (2) The exam is closed book and closed notes, but calculators are indeed allowed . In addition, a fairly comprehensive formula sheet is provided in your exam packet. (3) There are 12 problems altogether. Work steadily, and be sure to show all your work. If you get stuck on a problem, move on to another one and come back to the sticky one later. (4) You may ask the instructor or TA for clarification on the wording of a particular problem, but do not expect any hints or suggestions for how to proceed. (5) Probability tables for z , t , χ 2 , and F distributions, tables of quality control constants, and formula sheets handed out separately. (6) You have until 2:45 to complete the exam. At 2:45 the box in the front of the room will leave. Papers not in the box at that time will not be graded. Academic Integrity: Please be aware that giving or receiving unauthorized assitance (e.g., using notes, having someone else take the exam for you, copying from a neighbor’s paper, letting someone else copy your paper, using an internet capable device or other electronic communication device, passing notes, etc.) on the exam is a violation of academic integrity for which you should expect to fail the course if caught. Please also be aware that “I didn't know anyone was copying my paper” is not a valid excuse for having a paper that is eerily similar to another student’s. 1
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Problem 1. (10 points through problem 1) A random sample of size n = 100 was drawn from a population. A histogram of the data is shown in the figure. a. (5 pts) Multiple choice. The histogram indicates the distribution is: A. normal B. chi-squared C. light-tailed D. heavy-tailed b. (5 pts) Multiple choice. Let X be a random variable for an observation from the population discussed above. Suppose the population mean μ and population variance σ 2 are known. After assuming that the population is normal a probablist calculates - = σ μ 5 ) 5 ( Z P X P . Assuming she makes no calculation errors, she: A. overestimates the true probability B. underestimates the true probability C. gets the true probability exactly right D. still cannot calculate the true probability because of random variation. Problem 2. (20 points through problem 2) Suppose that among engineering students, 13% of men and 9% of women are left-handed. a. (5 pts) Assuming 22% of the engineering students are women, what is the probability that a randomly selected engineering student is left-handed? b. (5 pts) Suppose in the course of her Cornell undergraduate career, a woman has 5 boyfriends who are all engineering students. If the boyfriends are randomly selected, what is the probability that there would be 3 or more left-handers in her sample of 5 boyfriends?
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final(spring2002)-1 - 0 ENGRD 270 Spring 2002 Final Exam...

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