Ch16 Lymphatic System

Ch16 Lymphatic System - 1 Lymphatic System Lymphatic System...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Lymphatic System Lymphatic System Organs of the Immune System Organs of the Immune System s Lymph nodes + lymphatic vessels s Thymus s Spleen Mucosal Associated Lymphoid Tissue (MALT) s Tonsils s Peyers patches s Appendix s Bone marrow + blood vessels Lymphatic System Lymphatic System s A specialized network of tissues and vessels scattered throughout the body s Serves almost all the body regions except : s bone tissue; cartilage; epithelium and CNS s Functions: s Protection from infection s Fluid balance s Transporting dietary lipids What is Lymph? What is Lymph? s Excess interstitial/intercellular fluid s a clear whitish/yellowish fluid containing lymphocytes, proteins & some RBCs s Once the excess interstitial fluid drains into lymphatic capillaries f becomes lymph Lymphatic Circulation Lymphatic Circulation s One way system to the heart s Starts at blind lymph capillaries in intercellular spaces f ends when the lymph joins the blood circulation f to the heart s Movement is similar to veins, i.e. s milking action of skeletal muscle s rhythmic contraction of smooth muscle in the vessel walls s No pump action Lymphatic Capillaries Lymphatic Capillaries s Single layer endothelial cells s Gaps are larger than blood capillaries s bigger molecules can get through s Endothelial cells overlap & act as one-way valves s opened by interstitial fluid pressure, allowing fluid to enter but not to leave s Internal one-way valves ensure continued flow of lymph away from the tissues 2 Lymphatic Capillaries Lymphatic Capillaries s Lacteals = specialized lymphatic capillaries in the small intestines which absorb & transport digested fats from the intestines to the bloodstream s Chyle = milky fluid formed by fat globules + lymph that come from the lacteals Lymphatic Vessels Lymphatic Vessels s Thin walled, delicate with a beaded appearance due to the one way valves s May be deep or superficial s Named according to their location: s mammary lymphatic vessels (in the breast) s femoral (in the thigh) s tibial (in the leg) s Lymphatic vessels form networks which carry lymph to regional nodes Regional Lymphatic Nodes Regional Lymphatic Nodes s Small masses of lymphatic tissue which filter the lymph, and service a particular area of the body s Axillary node services most of the upper extremities and the breast s Inguinal node services the lower extremities s Lymphatic vessels carry lymph away from the regional nodes f into 2 larger lymph ducts f drain into the subclavian vein f drain into the heart Lymphatic Ducts Lymphatic Ducts 1. Right lymphatic duct...
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Ch16 Lymphatic System - 1 Lymphatic System Lymphatic System...

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