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history essay 2 - Schwarz, Rot, und Gelb: The Germanic Push...

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Shane William Gillette November 19, 2007 Introduction: The Germanic region at the time of the 1848 revolutions was a collection of 38 separate states bound together in a loose confederation. At this time nationalism was not only spreading and growing, it was materializing into armed resistance against the traditional policies and structures that were limiting the freedom, democracy, and national unity threatening the status quo. Using the already established French Revolution as a guideline this region would reshape and refit the Revolution to manifest it into their revolution. They would target the social problems, political problems, and the problem of National Unification triggered by the French Revolutions already taken place. By utilizing the growing Nationalism sentiment shared by all of the Germanic regions as a basis and momentum for the revolution, they would make or break the revolution. Summary of Evidence: The Habsburg Empire, which encompassed the 38 separate states in Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Slovakians, and the ever-so established and powerful Prussia ruled the Germanic region at this point in time in history. The eminent problem with this empire is that it really did not have any unification of nationalities, really none at all. This posed an enormous problem for the stability in all regions because what this was creating was nationalism. Nationalist figures were emerging and this was not just unique to the Germanic regions. For instance, Richard Wagner, a renowned German writer and composer continuously based his compositions on Nationalist themes. As a result of this built up Nationalism actions starting taking place and it started with the Frankfurt Assembly. The Frankfurt Assembly took the task of drafting a constitution and establishing a
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history essay 2 - Schwarz, Rot, und Gelb: The Germanic Push...

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