History_145_F07 - Fall 2007 MWF 9 9.50 Andreas Agocs,...

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Fall 2007 MWF 9 - 9.50 Andreas Agocs, SS&Hum 5208 [email protected] Office hours: M 1 - 3, W 1-2 History 145: War and Revolution in Modern Europe, 1789 - 1918 This course analyzes the relationship between war and revolution in the “long nineteenth century” from 1789 to the end of World War I. Setting out with the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars, the course focuses attention on the development of mass societies and participatory politics, and on the forces of radicalism and nationalism that shaped nineteenth- (and twentieth-) century Europe. We will read and analyze primary sources that convey the contemporary experience of war and revolution in modern Europe, as well as secondary works that provide an interpretive framework for these events. Apart from the French Revolution, we will look at the revolutions of 1848 and the Russian revolution of 1917 in detail. Readings: – Course Reader, available at Davis Copy Shop (former Navin’s), 231 Third Street - William Doyle, The French Revolution: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford UP) - Jakob Walter, The Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier (Penguin) - Peter Jones, The 1848 Revolutions (Longman, 2nd edition) - Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The Communist Manifesto. Introduction by Martin Malia (Signet Classics) - Sheila Fitzpatrick, The Russian Revolution (Oxford UP, 2nd reissue edition) - Mark D. Steinberg and Marian Schwartz, eds., Voices of Revolution, 1917
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History_145_F07 - Fall 2007 MWF 9 9.50 Andreas Agocs,...

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