History Essay 3

History Essay 3 - The Russian Revolution was marked by a...

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dramatically changed all aspects of Russian Society. These shifts ere so dramatic that it even took society some time to catch up to them. The revolution was made in three main steps, the 1905 Revolution and the February and October Revolutions. When it was complete it succeeded in overthrowing the long-standing monarchial rule of the Tsarist Russia. Like with all historical documentation there is a plethora of primary source accounts and documents of every event. Such as the case concerning the Russian Revolution, with three separate revolutions there are three separate accounts of what had happened and the personal associations to each. Within each of these accounts it is possible to analyze the different interpretations of each due to the differing contexts of the individual. With three different sources it is possible to see three different contexts the different social standings, views, and loyalties of each. This is important for historical interpretation in that it allows for each side of the debate to be not only recognized, but also reinforced. Thus the investigation of each of the sources taken from the Russian Revolution can begin. The first source is taken from V.V. Shulgin’s Days of the Russian Revolution: Memoirs from the Right 1905-1907. Like the title suggests his memoirs were concerning his view in society and that of the right. Shulgin was a rightist who was educated, well off, and owned some property in Russia and this could have influence on his views. He was a politician and even held a position in the Duma supporting a right wing position, but he was also a political diplomat. While there he formed an alliance with the liberals and Social Democrats and formed the Bloc. 1
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History Essay 3 - The Russian Revolution was marked by a...

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