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History 145 Essay 1 - Essay Topic #2 Shane William Gillette...

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Essay Topic #2 Shane William Gillette 10-29-2007 The French Revolution was marked by social change into world conquest. Out of the political and social chaos of the revolution a distinguished leader emerged, Napoleon Bonaparte who would not only stabilized the revolution, but also attempted to spread the revolution in all of Europe and the Russian Empire. Out of this would emerge one sole German soldier by the name of Jakob Walter, who was conscripted by the French Republic in order to conquer the feudal lands in the name of the revolution. Walter was born in the German state of Württemberg in the town of Rosenberg, which was ephemerally the Kingdom of Westphalia, a French vassal state established by Napoleon. 1 At age 18 Walter would be conscripted into the regiment of Romig as part of King Jérôme’s contribution to the Grande Armée where he would serve for a total of three campaigns and also document his experiences in his diary. This documentation of his accounts would not only record his own experiences, but he would record the obstacles that not only the army faced but the revolution as a whole at this scale, the pre- revolutionary elements still in existence, and the new modern world in its emergence. When Walter was first conscripted in 1806 to fight in the upcoming campaigns he began to record his experiences. Within this he also recorded the obstacles that the revolution would face in spreading its ideals. Initially Walter was an obstacle himself in that he was a conscripted foreign soldier fighting for the French Republic under
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History 145 Essay 1 - Essay Topic #2 Shane William Gillette...

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