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Study Guide for Exam Two on 030608

Study Guide for Exam Two on 030608 - Study Guide for Exam...

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Study Guide for Exam Two on March 6 - NOTE CHANGE OF DATE!!! – Political Science 261 – Spring ‘08 DO NOT come to class expecting to take the exam without the proper materials needed! Your neighbor is not your mom, so bring your own supplies. You will need a scantron (Form 882-E only) and two #2 pencils. Don’t forget to bring yourself a good eraser if you think you will need it. Your scantron needs to be new. If it is WRINKLED, bent or curled – the machine will EAT it. Thanks! These are the topics you need to be familiar with for your 2 nd exam…. Define as needed. Political parties historically functioned to do what for voters? Presidential campaign style and tactics are controlled how/by whom? Closed Primary Who/When/Where presidential candidates get nominated Presidential candidates win nominations – who do these candidates consider got them there? How do we determine the number of electors for each state? Presidential elections are considered federal or national? Why?
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