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Assignment for 2/25 Ch. 6 Developing and Producing Goods and Services: Questions for discussion: -The VP Design mentions a “pull” marketing strategy. What is that? -What is an “Innovation Kitchen”? -Does it look/feel like Nike has made a comeback in women's products? Accounting: Nike Cases 9.1, 9.2, &9.4 -How is Nike doing Vs. Adidas/Reebok? Product, Price, Place, Promotion
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Unformatted text preview: Product Market Pair Market: M.S. - Market Segmentation B2C or B2B T.M. - Target Market C.B. - Product Differentiation Branding Positioning Branding Simple: words, letters, sounds, or symbols that identify various competitors' products Complex: creation of an identity/persona that distinguishes your products in the minds of target customers in ways important to them....
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